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Let NOBO Partners Lead You to Success in the Rapidly Expanding Cannabis Industry

The U.S. cannabis market is on the move, and NOBO Partners is here to provide expert guidance, direction and consultation to companies and entrepreneurs wishing to forge their own place in the expansion. Based in Boulder, Colo., NOBO has been an industry game-changer since 2010. Whether it’s your intent to construct, grow, extract or sell at the retail level, we have the background and time-tested experience you need to compete and thrive..

Design. Grow. Thrive.

About Nobo

NOBO Partners was founded in 2010. The company serves as an experienced and trusted consultancy for businesses wishing to find their niche in the lucrative cannabis market.

Before launching NOBO Partners, founder Alan Bonsett was a veteran of the mortgage and real estate industry, working independently as well as for large, brand-name companies. He saw the phenomenal potential in the Colorado cannabis market, and in 2010 began building a company that would bring expert leadership and guidance to startups and expansions within the industry

NOBO’s latest and largest endeavor involved working with chemists and engineers to design and build Cannabis Life Sciences, the largest and most technologically advanced extraction facility in Colorado.

The success of NOBO Partners is in large part due to key partnerships with growers, professional contractors, space planners, lawyers, compliance specialists and other industry experts. These liaisons have allowed NOBO to provide motivated companies with the tools, knowledge and business savvy they need to compete in any sector within the legalized marijuana market.

Find out how NOBO Partners can help your business succeed in cannabis sales, cultivation or distribution by calling us at 303.358.1225 or email us at

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